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I can never remember a time that i didn't want to fish, even i was a little fella three four years old. When i was about four years old there was a small pond in front of my parents house that my mom. while she was cooking supper in the evenings, would allow me to stand down at that pond. In one certain place it would allow me to fish so she could see me from the window to the house, and i would stand there basically every day while she cooked supper. I never caught much, but I just always loved to fish.

Best guide service I’ve ever been with. Dude knows how to fish and he really wants you to catch the big ones!Trey Waller - Facebook Review

Growing up we lived on a farm. I had eight or ten ponds within bicycle range of my house. I basically stood knee deep in 'em every day of my childhood. My family always fished a lot. My mom and dad were school teachers. You know, we didn't have a whole lot of money so if they spent the money to go buy a box of worms or two that meant we were going to the pond and trying to find enough bream to catch for supper.

It was pretty much my childhood - grew up on a big family farm in Dubberly, Louisiana and just basically fished those ponds my whole life. My parents are very instrumental in my my fishing. When i was coming up, my parents, being school teachers, we had long summer breaks. They got us a small camper trailer, and most all the summer they dragged us all around the country in a camper trailer. Everywhere where we went we went fishing so I fished for trout in Arkansas. We went to Yellowstone. We made some real fun trips.

If you want to get on some giant crappie give Wesley a call. He’ll put you on’em and a great guy also.Kyle Williams - Facebook Review

When i was eight or nine years old, we got a spot down the coast, and I spent most of my summers at Holly Beach. Since then, I really loved to fish the salt water for speckled trout and redfish, flounder, and on into my adulthood that's just kind of how my seasons go. My seasons have always been around, not necessarily if it's summertime or if it's fall or winter, my seasons have always been around fishing.

You know, in the fall time we fish for flounder a lot, fish for crappie, in the winter time mainly fish for crappie, and then in the spring fish for crappie and bass. Then on into the summertime fish mainly for crappie and bass, and speckled trout, and redfish so that's just kind of how my year always goes. It just kind of depends on what's biting. That's kind of where i decide what what season it is.

I've been a nurse for 20 years. Being a nurse, working 12-hour shifts, that means I get about half the days off every month so about half the days I got to work with the other half I'm off. That has given me a really good amount of time in days off, especially the ones during the middle of the week. That gives me a lot of time to really get to go fishing, and there's not a lot of crowded lakes you know.

It's giving me time to really learn some of the some of the area lakes and some of the better areas and some of the ways to fish before live scope well. But last year I bought, uh purchased, a live scope and I've really spent the last year learning how to use the live scope. It has allowed me to better find fish and to catch them but before that I've spent I've lived on Dorcheat Bayou for the past 12 years. And in that 12 years I've learned how to catch my crappie fishing out of a 14 foot john-boat with a paddle and with no trolling motor and just a paddle.

Most years i averaged around a 1,000 white perch in winter off Dorcheat Bayou out of this setup so i really learned how to catch crappie using a minimalist technique.Wesley Miller - Big Sasquatch

Most years i averaged around a thousand white perch in winter off Dorcheat Bayou out of this setup so i really learned how to catch crappie using a minimalist technique. And then last year when i bought the live scope and was able to then see what i was trying to catch and see the crappies swimming around my methods i had learned over the years through just fishing out of a john boat married with being able to use the live scope and its capabilities allowed me to become a much better fisherman.

Like i said I've been a nurse for 20 years. I really always have enjoyed the nursing. It's been a good career. I like helping people. It's just been a good job. I have two brothers, and they're both nurses they like to hunt and fish as well.